Venezuelan Wedding Customs


Having a Venezuelan wedding is definitely a colorful affair. The wedding ceremony has many commonalities to those present in the west, but the customs of a Venezuelan wedding are unique.

The wedding is generally in a religious wedding ceremony, in which the along with guests go to. This ceremony could be in a church, cathedral or other religious location. Generally, the new bride enters with her father. This kind of ceremony is definitely the first of two marriage services for the couple. The 2nd wedding service is performed with a local clergyman. The few is by law married just after the second service.

A common Venezuelan wedding traditions is to eat an enormous amount of food. This kind of ceremony has been said to bring best of luck to the few. After the service, the couple and the guests celebrate till sunrise.

The reception is called ‘la hora loca’, or the crazy hour. This is when guests must dress up in costumes. Fortunately they are given down charms. The guests are expected to dance just for an hour.

The reception ends with belly dancing with friends and relations. It is during this kind of hour that your bride and groom generally disappear, forcing their guests with a feeling of puzzle.

The woman and groom exchange gifts, sometimes gold coins. They may also don special face masks. During the reception, the groomsmen tie their very own hands, symbolizing a strong bond. They will offer seats to more mature ladies.

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The white guys dating latinas reception also can include a classic demonstrate, called the hora loca. This present may include roudy hardware, mild stage parts and distinctive face masks. The ‘crazy hour’ is supposed to be a wide range of entertaining, and a powerful way to add extra energy to the reception.

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